Sailing through Russia

From the Arctic to the Black Sea


Various websites about sailing in Russia

Information and websites about sailing in Russia below are on the web.

For convenience purposes some are listed below too.





Russian Yachting Federation


Forum Katera i Yachty (biggest on-line boating and sailing community in Russia)


Russian Association of Yacht Skippers


SPB yacht club - Яхт-клуб Санкт-Петербурга


Katera i Yachty (magazine)


Yacht Russia (magazine)


The Northen Sea Route Administration (NEP)


Russian Yacht Clubs


Kaliningrad Sailing Instructions (Forum)


European Boating Association Russia


European Waterways




Further reading:

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"Sailing Round Russia” - Wallace Clark (Wallace Clark Book Sales) This book was on the chart table when John and Maxine sailed through Russia. Miles Clark's yacht "Wild Goose" really was the first foreign yacht to go through Russia albeit under (temporary) Russian flag with lots of imposed Russians. But Miles was truly groundbreaking! John and Maxine have dedicated their book to Miles.


North Russia:


East Russia:


Alan Logan notes - OCC Flying Fish archive

Aenigma journey - Royal Cruising Club Roving Commissions

“Russian Primary Chronicle”

“Last Boat to Astrakhan”, Haupt, Random House 1998

“The Volga River” McNeese, Chelsea House Philadelphia, 2005

“In Our Time - Volga Vikings”, Podcast Melvyn Bragg BBC 4 series

“Experimental Voyages 1983-2006”, Edberg, Marinarkeologisk tidskrift, No. 1, 2008. Edberg, Södertörn Academic Studies 2003

“Rivers of Europe”, Klement Tockner et al, Academic Press 2009

“Trip up the Volga to the Fair of Nijni-Novgorod”, Munro-Butler-Johnstone 1875

“The Russian Empire: Its People, Institutions and Resources”, von Haxthausen, 1856

“Russian Shores of the Black Sea”, Oliphant, 1850, Konemann Classics 1998

"Black Sea" by King Charles















Imformation about sailing in Russia is obviously also available in the Admiralty List of Radio Signals (ALRS)